Approach to Care

Sun Pain Management and Spine Specialists offers an integrative, patient-centered approach to care. We collaborate with our patients to design the best care plans for their needs. Our model of care is both patient-centered and patient-led.

We embrace an integrative approach to chronic pain management, utilizing modern treatment methods, patient education, and pain interventions to improve functionality and reduce pain. Through detailed consultations, examination, medication review, and plan design, we personalize custom care plans to each patient’s needs and lifestyle with a goal of promoting well-being and improving patients’ quality of life.

Our practice – physicians and nurse practitioners treat patients with the patient’s medical history and comfort in mind. Improving the way opioids are prescribed through clinical practice guidelines is our goal in ensuring patients have access to safer, more effective pain treatment while reducing the number of people who potentially misuse or overdose from these drugs. Reducing exposure to prescription opioids, for situations where the risks of opioids outweigh the benefits, is a crucial part of prevention.

Each referral begins with a patient consultation. Your primary care provider will make the referral to our office. We look forward to caring for you and treating your chronic pain.

To treat chronic pain, Sun Pain Management and Spine Specialists blends advanced medical knowledge with modern treatment methods and interventions to improve patient functionality and reduce pain.

Sun Pain Management and Spine Specialists offers a comprehensive range of pain procedures and injections for patients suffering from chronic pain.

Our patients quality of life is our first priority. From medication management to evidence-based treatments, therapies and modalities, we endeavor to become your pain management medical partner. With locations in metro-Phoenix, Tucson, Globe and Prescott Valley, finding an acute and chronic pain management provider to is within reach. As your primary physician for a referral or contact our our office 602.589.0500.